Tips for Cleaning your Window Properly

Perhaps your window doesn’t look as appealing as it was before. Now that you are planning to clean your window, you should buy window cleaning tools at and not only that, but you should also know how to properly clean your window. Here are some tips and methods that you could apply when it comes to cleaning windows.

Always start from top to bottom

When you start cleaning, you should start first on the highest windows before you can proceed to the bottom windows because you can easily clean all the dirt that you have gathered on the bottom part compared to when you start at random levels. Check here for helpful tips if you have higher windows

Start cleaning on the frame

Grab your tools and clean first the window frame before you clean the glass underneath it. Make sure that you also start on the top section so that you can easily remove all the dirt and then you can clean all the particles and dust leftover. Regardless of if you are cleaning the highest or lowest windows, making your work easier and faster always remember to start on cleaning the top sections of the window frames.

Get rid of bird mess

You will most likely encounter some bird mess on your window. In cleaning it, you should start by soaking the stain first then leave it there for a couple of minutes before you start cleaning the other windows as you brush and scrub it thoroughly. As much as possible, repeat the same process until you can get rid of the bird mess. Make sure that you only use pure water if you wanted this method to be effective and also make sure that you are using some abrasive pad or scraper in cleaning the bird mess.

Always brush and scrub thoroughly

Make sure that when you are brushing and scrubbing the windows, you brush it with all your force. You may need to adjust—looking back at the glass to determine how dirty your window is before you start on brushing it over and over again until you can remove the dirt and dust.

Use clean water when rinsing

When it comes to rinsing, make sure that you only use clean water so that you could rinse it thoroughly. Do not use the same water that you’ve used in cleaning the bird mess earlier. Instead, get some pure water that you can use for rinsing your window after brushing it, and as what we have mentioned above, even in rinsing, you should always start from the highest window down to the bottom point.

Always clean the window sill

In cleaning the window sills, you could start it by waiting a few minutes after you have rinsed your window so that all the remaining debris and particles will come running down into your sill. Now all you need to do is to grab some sill brush and you can get rid of the dirt and dust. Also see details here at for safety tips.

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